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3DRACE-log is a ground-breaking technology for HD-quality video streaming via the local mobile network. Geared especially at motorsports, 3DRACE-log is a prime source for live data transmission from the cockpit, offering action-packed multi-stream content for any live production.

Next to live video of the windshield view or the driver, 3DRACE-log also offers real-time data transmission of the car’s telemetry, which can be easily translated into compelling graphical elements.

By utilizing  local  LTE network, the system doesn’t require the costly installation of a radio frequent infrastructure. Instead, it allows high-quality race streaming without OB vans. The signal from the hardware, the Live-Video-Box, can be processed just like any other camera signal, adding a new and engaging perspective to motorsports broadcasts. Full SDI compatibility and reliable stream quality are guaranteed.

Additionally, the live video stream can be easily embedded into online TV and social media channels, the prime locations for multi streaming content.

  • HD-Quality Video Streaming via LTE Network
  • Ready for Live Broadcast Productions
  • SDI Compatible
  • Multi Streaming Content
  • Perfect for Online TV and Social Media


Your HD-Signal for the Live Production

3DRACE-log offers easily available sources for high-quality video content at any racing event. Due to the fast and flexible distribution via the local LTE network, each stream can be accessed through a web link, making it one of the simplest solutions for action-packed content. At HD quality, the streams are a valuable addition to your broadcast and turn every motorsports live show into an immersive experience for the audience. 3DRACE-log provides all broadcast standards, including SDI compatible signals, thereby allowing you to seamlessly integrate the content into your live productions.

The Live Stream for Facebook

The broadcast world, like so many other domains, is shifting to the web. Networks need to be prepared for this changing environment and the new requirements that come with the medium and its audience. Especially Facebook live has revolutionized the way in which audiences consume media. With video streams from 3DRACE-log, broadcasting to the web and to social media channels is as simple as never before. Real-time transmission at HD quality ensures that you deliver the most relevant content directly to your audience, no matter where they are.

Win the audience with the cockpit view

As networks compete for viewers during the most prestigious motorsport events, it is the production with the most compelling images that will win the audience. With content from the 3DRACE-log system, you receive exciting insights into the drivers’ cockpits instead of just following them from a bird’s eye view. Jump from car to car, change perspective and give the viewer a unique experience. Additionally, the live data transmission of race car telemetry adds another level of analysis and allows you to create an even fuller picture for your live TV production.

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