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3DRACE-log is a brand-new technology designed to give racing teams the opportunity to equip their vehicles with a wireless race car video system. Instead of using high-maintenance transmission infrastructures, 3DRACE-log allows direct video streaming via the readily available local mobile network.

With max 2.2 kilos (depending on configuration) and the size of an average wireless router, the Live Video Box can be easily installed to receive an HD online race car cockpit view.

By using the local LTE network, 3DRACE-log offers increased flexibility when streaming races live to the internet.

Whether on a website, on Facebook or YouTube, live race streaming brings immersive experiences to the audience by allowing them to dive into the race and see it from the driver’s point of view. In addition, the race video transmitter can be used to improve training and coaching situations. Depending on each team’s individual requirements, the 3DRACE-log system can be purchased or rented.

  • Live Race Car Video Streaming
  • Uses Local Mobile Network
  • Small Form Factor and Light Weight
  • Easy and Flexible Installation
  • Direct Video Streaming to the Web and Social Media
  • Purchase and Rental Models Available

Real-time for your social media

We want to be live. Facebook live, YouTube live, the short-lived world of Snapchat, it is all about the now. If you want to truly engage your audience, you must bring them to you in real-time. With a live video transmission on Facebook or other social media channels, you can involve your audience in the race as it is happening. No matter where they are, racing fans can fully immerse themselves in the experience. 3DRACE-log offers you an extremely simple way to increase your audience using the channels they are familiar and comfortable with.

Improve your communication with the technician

Racing teams are large and diverse, and to get the most out of your technology and people, communication is essential. 3DRACE-log opens up new methods of distributing crucial information from the car to the technical team. With race car telemetry transmission, technicians can review the vehicle’s behavior first-hand instead of having to rely solely on the driver’s testimony. This doesn’t just save time, it also adds a new level of analysis and improves development and finetuning processes.

The optimized coaching

Racing is not just about cars and teams, it is also about drivers. No race is won without a perfectly trained man or woman behind the wheel. 3DRACE-log can play an essential part in training scenarios, allowing the coach to take the virtual seat next to the driver and observe the track and the driver’s behavior in real-time. That way, the driver can familiarize himself with a new track in a realistic scenario while still being able to benefit from the coach’s advice.

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