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How it works

LVB is a live video streaming system developed by 3DRACE-log GmbH. It is based on LTE technology and relies on local mobile networks to distribute the video data to any recipient online. This high-end technology combined with a slim hardware design makes the LVB a flexible solution that can serve both as a video transmitter as well as to record live streams.

Whether you need unique perspectives from inside a race car, or require a cost-effective solution to secure your home, 3DRACE-log can address your needs.

At HD quality, the technology delivers broadcast-ready video streams into a production pipeline or directly to the world wide web, including social media channels such as Facebook and Youtube live. The system can be used wherever an LTE or 3G network is available. This significantly reduces infrastructure requirements and simplifies workflows for broadcasters as well as event organizers.

Each 3DRACE-log hardware device, called the Live-Video-Box, can accept and transmit up to four HD camera signals, making it highly efficient and a perfect fit for tight spaces. It can also be used in areas deemed tough for other technologies, such as for live data transmission in urban environments or even high up in the air.

The Live-Video-Box

The Live-Video-Box is the hardware side of the 3DRACE-log technology. With a weight of only 1 -2.2 kilos (depending on configuration) and the size of an average wireless router, it can easily be fitted into even the tightest of spaces. The device can process signals from up to four HD cameras for live video streaming at once. Internal antennas and active cooling in addition to its aluminum casing make the Live-Video-Box a robust hardware partner on the road.

LVB Areas of Application


Nothing says engagement like an online race car cockpit view of your favorite driver. 3DRACE-log gives teams the opportunity to stream motorsports from all angles and perspectives directly into the homes of their fans, with minimal effort and at high-end quality.


Reporters need to be live and on the go at all times. But it’s not always easy to get your fresh footage to the network quickly enough. With the 3DRACE-log technology, you can stream your video signal directly to the producer via the local mobile network – no complicated hardware required.

Live Events

They say: It hasn’t happened until you have seen it on Facebook. With 3DRACE-log, any live event can be easily broadcast on social media in a live video stream. From concerts to product launches, from exhibitions to corporate presentations, with 3DRACE-log your audience can take part wherever they are.

Security and Surveillance

Urban security is a growing issue everywhere, and both companies and private home owners are looking for flexible and cost-effective ways to keep their properties and their loved ones safe. The 3DRACE-log technology allows them to tap into the live video stream of their security system from anywhere around the globe. Safe, easy and absolutely reliable.

Pilot Training

Flying is a thrill – and also a complicated endeavor that requires a lot of training. Using live video steams on a mobile network with 3DRACE-log offers a multitude of new training models for flight instructors. With up to four cameras per Live Video Box, a full view of the cockpit is guaranteed while the trainer can give advice via radio from the ground.

Law Enforcement

The use of body cameras and other video devices has made the work of law enforcement employees safer and more transparent. With 3DRACE-log, these systems can be greatly improved by offering real-time video live streaming and the recording of live streams. Live video transmission in urban environments has never been easier.

Outdoor Sports and Events

Some events take us to the most remote places – up into the mountains or down into the cliffs. Bringing these events to the fan community at home is becoming a lot easier with 3DRACE-log. As long as a mobile network is available, the video live stream can be transmitted in real-time to social media platforms from all over the world.

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